Operational Changes 2017-2018

Yale Hospitality Operational Changes 2017-18 Frequently Asked Questions

The Schwarzman Center renovation project will soon get underway, and Commons will close in late August. This document was developed to address some of the questions that may arise.

Q: I ate lunch at Commons every day. Are there other options?

A: There is more than enough capacity within our dining system to provide lunch service for all. It is expected that Berkeley, Hopper, Silliman and Timothy Dwight in addition to the new colleges Franklin & Murray will be the busiest. Generally, there are no lines at dining halls a couple of blocks away.

Q: My class schedule interferes with regular lunch hours. Are there any options?

A: Service hours begin as early as 11:00am in Davenport and stay open as late as 2:30pm in Hopper and Trumbull. In addition, Meals2Go is available via the Yale Dining App (Available on iTunes or the Google Play Store).  Durfee’s and Yale Hospitality Cafes accept lunch meal transfers for your convenience.

Q: Where can I find information regarding meals, wait times and changes?

A: The Yale Dining App and Yale Hospitality website is a great place to start.  http://hospitality.yale.edu/In addition, “give us your feedback” is monitored and responded to promptly.

Q: Where can I find dining locations and hours?

A: Information regarding dining locations is available here: http://hospitality.yale.edu/location-map

Operating hours are available here: http://hospitality.yale.edu/dining-halls-operating-  schedule-2017-2018

Q: Last year, Silliman was always overcrowded when Commons closed for the day. Is there anything that can be done to remedy this, especially with Commons closing?

A: We heard your concerns and made some great changes in Silliman. First, we rearranged the floor plan and added an additional 50 seats to the dining room! We have also reconfigured the service area to create two symmetrical serving lines that each contain full hot meal choices and a salad bar on each side.

Q: Will I still be able to meet with my advisees in the dining halls?

A: Of course. Over the next 3 years (during the Schwarzman Center construction period), dining halls will be less crowded during off peak hours (before noon, and after 1:30pm).

Q: I’m a graduate student. What are my options?

A: We have created a new lunch meal plan for all graduate students. Information can be found on the Yale Hospitality website, http://hospitality.yale.edu/graduate-meal-plan-  options

Q: What about the events held at Commons at Schwarzman Center?

A: Plans are underway to use alternative venues and to preserve continuity of these events over the next three years.

Q: What will happen to the employees that worked in Commons Dining?

A: They have been welcomed into other dining locations around campus, look for them next time you visit a dining hall! Many Commons employees have worked and served students for many years in at times very challenging conditions. While there is significant excitement about this transformation, this is also a very emotional time for most.  We are very grateful for their commitment and dedication.