Plant-Based Protein Program

Yale Hospitality

Culinary creativity and presentation style encourage increased plant-based menu choices among campus carnivores and herbivores alike.

Yale Hospitality actively encourages customers to make meal choices that will support health and wellness goals. Back in 2008, Yale Hospitality saw that U.S. consumption of meat was declining as consumers became more aware of the impact diet has on health. We also recognized that this would open up opportunities for us to promote and make available plant-based protein options.

Today, our menuing process ensures that we provide delicious vegan and vegetarian options at every meal, every day. We also pay extra attention to making sure that these options are presented in ways that invite carnivores and herbivores alike to try them.

Our talented culinarians have developed new techniques, supported by our use of an ever-increasing array of plant-based products, all with the goal of creating a market-leading initiative for meat protein replacement. Yale Hospitality offers more than 35 plant-based protein options each week and a minimum of 150 vegetarian/vegan options as well.

The success of this program is in the numbers: more than half of the students at Yale choose at least one vegetarian dish each week, even though vegans and vegetarians comprise just 3%-4% of the total campus population. Our plant-based protein program has earned an “A” grade by PETA2 for its vegan-friendly approach, even as we continue to look for new ways to broaden our offerings further.

Whether because of health concerns, lifestyle choices or the appeal of appetizing presentations, Yale students have increased their consumption of plant-based protein on our campus at an impressive rate. The benefits of such habits are life-long and include:

  • Improved Diet Quality with Less Saturated Fat
  • Reduced Obesity
  • Reduced Heart Disease
  • Reduced Cancer Risk
  • Reduced Diabetes Risk
  • A Longer Life Span