Sustainable Dining at Yale

It’s at the heart of who we are and what we do.

Yale Dining is passionately committed to sustainability. We have integrated these values in every aspect of our operation and decision making processes. Through this we will provide healthier food that tastes great and is good for the environment and the people in our community.

About Us

Yale Dining operates 26 residential and retail dining operations on campus and we have 14,000 opportunities every day to please our students and customers.

We support Yale’s mission by offering a world-class dining experience that:

  • Provides healthy, nutritious and tasty food from sustainable sources
  • Reduce non-renewable resources used and waste produced
  • Implements practices that minimizes pollution and waste
  • Serves as an example within our community by being environmentally, socially and fiscally responsible
  • Complies with all applicable regulations and sets goals that exceed compliance
  • Collaborates, communicates and innovates

Strategic Initiatives

  • Continue to develop sustainable supply chain management
  • Reduce non-renewable resources used and waste produced
  • Minimize operational and environmental impact from waste by composting and recycling
  • Provide ongoing education through information, training and developmental models for students, guests and employees
  • Develop ongoing partnerships with other Yale entities, peer institutions, industry leaders, local, regional, and national resources that support sustainability and promote shared learning

What’s on the menu?

  • 100% all natural beef burgers in all Dining Halls
  • A robust all-natural, fresh and local chicken program
  • Local hormone-free milk and organic self-serve yogurt
  • Cage free eggs
  • Fair trade and organic coffee and tea
  • Vegan entrée and vegetarian entrée available at every meal
  • Locally sourced bagels, breads and honey
  • Locally manufactured products including pasta, tortillas, beans, sauces, and a multitude of other goods
  • Organic and natural retail options
  • Up to 50% locally sourced produce during seasonal availability
  • Central Catering offers sustainable menu options for events
  • EPA approved phosphate-free chemicals used in all residential dining halls
  • MSC Certified and Monterey Bay Seafood Watch “Best Choice” or “Good Alternative” options for the majority of fish purchases including all wild Alaskan salmon
  • Minimally processed products with simple ingredients

If you would like information about your dining hall, our meal plans, and answers to general dining questions or to better discover all the services we offer, contact us by phone at 203–432–0420.