Graduate Meal Plan Options

Graduate Lunch Plans

The meal plan selection page for SPRING 2019 meal plan selection/changes will become available beginning Friday, January 4th , 2019 at 8:00am and will remain available through Friday, January 18th , 2019 11:59pm.

For changes please go to the Student Information Systems (SIS) page.

Yale Hospitality has developed a unique set of lunch meal plans designed for graduate students. These 3 options provide maximum flexibility on campus as well as a great savings to our students. Students must sign up at the beginning of each semester.

30 lunches $285

45 lunches $419

75 lunches $675

  • Available to Graduate Students only.
  • Lunches may be used for a $9 equivalency at Cafe Med, Divinity Refectory, Durfees, Thain, KBT Cafe, residential colleges* or the Law School.
  • If during the semester you wish to purchase additional lunches, please email Yale Hospitality:

 *Residential College access is not controlled by Yale Hospitality nor Yale Dining.

The Divinity Plan

The Divinity School requires all of their students to support their graduate community by purchasing a meal plan. The Divinity plan is a declining points program designed specifically for Divinity Students. The cost of the plan for 2018-2019 is $550 per semester for full-time students and $275 per semester for part-time students.

Dining Points carry over from Fall to Spring semester only. Points remaining after the Spring Semester will NOT be reimbursed.

Eli Bucks

Eli Bucks are a great way to have maximum dining flexibility on campus and save 10% at time of purchase at most locations.

NOTE: For Fall Semester: any student wishing to update or change their existing choice of Meal Plan Option must do so online, between Friday, August 17th 2018 at 8:00am EST and Friday, September 7th 2018 11:59pm EST.

Before making any changes to your meal plan option, please be sure that your choice is the one you want for the remainder of the semester because modifications can only be made once during the window, as per University regulations. Click here to log on and make changes

* Residential College access is not controlled by Yale Hospitality nor Yale Dining.