Yale Hospitality Administration
Associate Director, Business Administration & Finance Sue Castaldi Phone: 203-436-9014
Director, Business Administration & Finance Dana Courtney Phone: 203-436-8260
Wellness Manager Allison Arnett Phone: 203-432-0419
Director of Hospitality & Maintenance Dan Flynn Phone: 203-432-0476
Human Resources Generalist Georgia Masell Phone: 203-432-8873
Manager, Absence Management Programs Lindsay Griffin Phone: 203-436-9056
Director of Sustainability and Supply Management Gerry Remer Phone: 203-436-9127
Associate Vice President Rafi Taherian Phone: 203-432-0405
Group Dining and Special Events Manager Pedro Tello Phone: 203-436-9070
Executive Assistant Natalie Turcio Phone: 203-432–0405
Director Business Intelligence and Optimization Michael van Emmenes Phone: 203-432-9099
Director of Marketing & Branding William Wilson Phone: 203-436-9070
Yale Catering
Sales & Event Manager Elizabeth Ferguson Phone: 203-745-6392
Sr. Administrative Assistant Ann Perrelli Phone: 203-432-8864
Managing Director of Yale Catering Danielle Shapiro
Sr. Administrative Assistant Mary Ann Shippy Phone: 203-436-2382
Sales & Event Manager Robert Stromquist Phone: 203-432-1881
Culinary Support Center
Logistics Manager, CSC Brian Kelly Phone: 203-432-0259
Interim Executive Chef, Production Manager Christine Centola Phone: 203-436-9548
Executive Chef Alassane Seck Phone: 203-432-4012
Retail Operations
Operations Manager, School of Management Hospitality Julie Carrion Phone: 203-436-9933
Sr. Director, Auxiliary, Catering and CSC Christian Fischer Phone: 203-432-0407
Manager, West Campus and Divinity Donna Hall Phone: 203-737-4922
Executive Chef, School of Management Hospitality David Kuzma Phone: 203-436-9932
General Manager, Cafe Med, KBT Cafe, and Health Center Cafe Bettye Jo Mackiewicz Phone: 203-436-5731
Retail Manager Chelsey Toong Phone: 203-432-3402
Durfees Manager Lynn Torello Phone: 203-432-0451
Yale Hospitality Administration Support
Sustainability and Sourcing Coordinator Betty Soosai Phone: 203-432-3158
Senior Admin Assistant Matt Cegelka Phone: 203-432-6818
Compliance Manager Alicia Comunale Phone: 203-436-8020
Board Plan Administrator MaryBeth Laub Phone: 432-0417
Database & Ordering Assistant Sandy Migliozzi Phone: 203-432-0418
Financial Assistant Camelia Moisescu Phone: 203-432-0406
Office Assistant Ann Taylor Phone: 203-785-4685
Yale Dining
Christian Berrios
Manager David Brooks Phone: 203-432-0443
General Manager John Buck Phone: 203-432-0440
Manager Kristin Butler Phone: 203-432-0443
Guest Experience Manager May Cabahug
Rounds Manager Kristin Elliott Phone: 203-436–2195
Manager Kory Evasick
Manager Samuel Feliciano Phone: 203-432-0425
Manager Brian Frantz Phone: 203-432-7995
General Manager Gina Gentile Phone: 203-432-0425
Manager Ellen Habelow Phone: 203-432-7995
Production Manager Jeff Hardy Phone: 203-432-0443
Manager Bernadette Janis Phone: 203-432-0444
General Manager Mark Lacy Phone: 203-432–0434
Manager Danielle Lucci
Senior Director Adam Millman Phone: 203-432-0411
General Manager Christopher Molyneux
Manager Jim Murray Phone: 203-432-0443
General Manager Rashmi Nath Phone: 203-432-0438
General Manager Maureen O'Donnell-Young Phone: 203-432-7995
Guest Experience Manager Brett Rappaport Phone: 203-432-3471
Guest Experience Manager Megan Roberts Phone: 203-432-2675
Managing Director Chase Sobelman Phone: 203-432-3106
Director Robert Sullivan Phone: 203-432-6459
Rounds Manager Paul Tinker Phone: 203-432-0423
General Manager Deanna Tucciarone Phone: 203-432-0432
Manager Hugo Vergara Phone: 203-432-0432
General Manager Gregory Ward Phone: 203-432-0436
General Manager Christina Wethington Phone: 203-432-0444