Special Dietary Needs

Food Allergy Program

Yale Hospitality’s Registered Dietitians and Dining Teams support students and guests with special dietary needs.  All ingredients and recipes are regularly reviewed for allergens and dining hall managers and chefs are certified in both Servsafe and AllerTrain (Menu Trinfo) to support awareness and best practices.

Please follow the steps below to register for dietary accommodations

1) Register with the Student Accessibility Services (link).

2) Complete the Yale Hospitality Dietary Accommodations form (link).

3) Arrange an appointment with a Yale Hospitality Registered Dietitian to discuss accommodations and arrange an individualized plan.  This plan will be executed in your home college and as needed in any of our residential dining facilities.

4) Continue to work with the nutritionists and your unit managers and chefs.  And remember, your active involvement and feedback helps us best support you.

We have a wide-range of accommodations available

Individualized Approach

Support of each student with dietary accommodations is personalized to best meet your individual needs.  Our top priority is safety, but we also want you to experience the myriad of healthy, delicious and sustainable foods offered at Yale.  Our multi-disciplinary team approach helps ensure a personal and exceptional experience.  Your awareness and communication is an important part of this process.  Please speak with a dining or wellness manager at any time if you have concerns or questions.

1) Labeling: We label the 8 major food allergens, gluten and alcohol in all foods prepared on -site.   We also list ingredients for our dishes. if you have an allergy not represented on a menu identifier, please see a manager with any questions regarding the ingredients. This information can be accessed on the Yale Dining App, website and in the serving area.  We use the following icons

2) Gluten-Free Zone: For students with celiac disease, a gluten free zone is available in all residential colleges.  offerings may include: breads, rolls, cereal bars, cereal and granola.  We also offer condiments for use only in the gluten free area and this station is equipped with a separate toaster.

3) Simply Grilled: Our grill station can prepare a grilled beef and mushroom blended burger (without bun) or chicken breast with allergy precautions.  This can be served with simply prepared gluten-free grains and vegetables.

4) Personalized Fresh Plate: Cross-contact is a concern for many students; this can occur when other students unintentionally contaminate a food with an allergen.   If you are a student with food allergies or celiac disease and need or simply desire a different meal, we recommend that you arrange for a separately plated meal.  Just let your manager know your preferences, and, based on available resources, a plate will be assembled with new gloves, sanitized pans and serving utensils and held aside in a separate area for your arrival.  This can be arranged in advance as part of your overall plan, or for a single meal period with a minimum 4-hours’ notice.  To learn more please contact hospitalitynutrition@yale.edu.

Disclaimer: Dishes served in all our dining locations are prepared in kitchens that are not allergen-free. Manufacturers of commercial foods may also change their formulation without notice.  While precautions are taken to ensure accurate labeling and careful preparation of foods, students and guests with food allergies are encouraged to speak with a Yale Hospitality manager if they have any questions or concerns.

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