Yale Commons Dining Hall

at Schwarzman Center

Why is Yale Commons no longer available for dinner service?

Commons is returning to the original service model, prior to college renovations. With the Stiles students return to their college in the fall of 2014 and the need to re-open Stiles dining, Yale Dining is confronted with significant operational cost of all 12 colleges in service. The additional cost for Stiles is mitigated through the return of Commons to its original schedule.

What happens with all of the students eating their dinner meals at Yale Commons?

Our review of transactions indicates that the average number of students eating in Commons from 5 pm - 7 pm is 523; between 7 pm and 8 pm the number drops to just 41.  Extended dinner hours of 5 pm - 8 pm in Calhoun, Ezra Stiles and Morse and the extended hours of 5 pm - 7:30 pm all other Yale Residential College Dining halls will offer 2 facilities (vs. 1) open until 8 pm while the others will remain open until 7:30 pm. Our data shows an average of 29 students swiping between 8 pm - 8:30 pm and 12 students swiping in the last 30 minutes of operation (8:30 pm - 9 pm).  From an operational and financial perspective, this service can be better accommodated in other locations.

This appears to be a reduction in service from Yale Dining. Why?

Yale Dining will provide meal service at all 12 colleges after many years of renovation. It is logical to return to the original service model for Yale Commons, in part to mitigate the cost of Stiles opening.  Yale Dining is transitioning from meal service in 11 colleges, plus Yale Commons to meal service in 12 colleges, plus a modified Commons schedule with service hours more in-line with actual patronage.  In short, service delivery with extended hours in one location will be transitioned to extended hours in three locations and extended hours in the remaining colleges. The service delivery between 8 pm - pm is simply not feasible for a very small number of students.

Where will student groups hold their meetings?

Yale Dining does not have complete information regarding the Residential Colleges’ space availability.  This information can be made available through collaborative efforts with Masters, Deans, and students.

What will happen to the staff at Yale Commons?

None of our staff members will lose or be required to reduce their current hours.  In fact, the University has a contractual obligation to Local 35 employees.  All affected employees will be transitioned to other locations where we have available positions.

Will Yale Dining provide an option, similar to the sack lunch, for dinner?  If so, where and how can I place an order?

Yes, a late night dinner plate option is available.  Orders for both lunch and dinner can be placed on our website, by using the Orders 2Go page.  We are also implementing an iPhone App so you can place an order on your iPhone or iPad. The next phase will include an Android version.

What if a meeting for the student club or organization I belong to, is scheduled to meet during dinner in a residential college that is not my own?  Will I be able to use my dinner swipe in a different residential dining facility?

With the exception of special events or Sunday family dinner, you have the option to transfer a meal swipe to any residential dining hall.

What happens if one of the Residential Colleges, open for extended dinner until 8 pm, is closed to transfers due to a special event?

Should a dining facility become unavailable to transfers, or is closed due to a special event, Yale Dining will communicate a change in service hours and provide information regarding alternate dining locations.

How will I be able to determine if one residential dining hall is more crowded than another?

The Yale Dining website provides information about seating capacity in the Residential Colleges.  Also, when the Yale Dining App is available you will be able to obtain capacity information on your iPhone.

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