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Executive Chef

Culinary Excellence Manager / Chef de Cuisine

Sr Executive Chef, Culinary Excellence

Guest Experience Manager




Executive Chef

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1. Plans, develops and implements an exceptional and the highest quality executive dining programs. Ensures that programs and processes are aligned with business goals and objectives.

2. Utilizes exceptional culinary and communication skills to interact effectively with clients and constituents of the University, of all levels.

3. Provides leadership for professional staff and union employees to ensure excellence and high quality hospitality standards are successfully implemented and maintained.

4. Participates in developing and executing a strategic plan that creates best in class operations, drives increased customer satisfaction and meets financial targets and is in alignment with business strategies and objectives.

5. Oversees and manages the work of culinary staff; complies with safe food handling and equipment safety guidelines and sanitation standards. .

6. Oversees purchasing of food, supplies and equipment adhering to department purchasing policies. Maintains proper inventory controls.

7. Achieves financial goals by reviewing transactions, check average, guest counts, daily food cost, daily labor cost and other expenses and making the necessary adjustments to operations. Follows through on variances with the team and implements action plans as needed.

8. Plans and manages business unit/division’s operating processes and practices and collaborates with various constituencies to ensure that business operating programs are aligned with business goals and objectives.

9. Develops and coordinates marketing strategies to enhance business revenue and customer satisfaction; ensures marketing plans are implemented according to established timelines.

10. Contributes to the development of the annual operating plan and budget, and forecast updates.

11. Oversees and manages the food/inventory management system for recipe development, creating cycle menus, forecast production quantities, inventory levels, purchasing and managing cost.

12. Develops written standards and holds culinary staff accountable to those standards.

13. Incorporates new technology, trends, recipes, curriculum concepts, program ideas, and other relevant information into the curriculum.

14. Conducts instruction, food preparation/technique, and best in class culinary training in an exemplary manner.

15. Enforces sanitation principles, attendance, professionalism, uniform, and hygiene policies.

16. Strives to maximize the Department sustainability goals.

17. May perform others duties as assigned.


Sr Executive Chef, Culinary Excellence

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1. Partner with vendors and manufactures on programs and special events.

2. Collaborate with the Purchasing Director to utilize cost-saving opportunities and leverage vendor support.

3. Support the vision and goals related to sustainability and health and wellness.

4. Support campus wide Yale Hospitality events and reunions.

5. Represent Yale Hospitality across the industry as a leader of innovation and operational excellence.

6. Lead the administration of menu management and support the academic and seasonal menu development for residential operations that is nutritious, healthy, sustainable and financially viable.

7. Development of culinary standard operating procedures and presentation standards in partnership the senior leadership team, unit managers and the Wellness Manager.

8. Analyze production patterns, optimize preparation methodology and create efficiency model to achieve established departmental and operational food costs.

9. Develop and implement communication plans to ensure teams have resources needed to execute seasonal based menus, merchandising and programs.

10. Drive culinary vision and establish operational methodology for excellence. Develop signature and best in class food and concepts

11. Inspire the culinary team to achieve excellence in culinary preparation and service to students, guests and Yale community. Cultivate talent and foster continued quality improvement standards.

12. Lead innovation of new products and trends.

13. Continue to develop educational and training opportunities for the internal culinary team.

14. Partner with Training Manager in developing talent and further enhancing culinary and leadership skills of staff.

15. Establish systems and processes to ensure quality assurance and product acceptability. Provide necessary feedback to stakeholders and monitor progress.

16. Establish objectives and conduct contractually required competency evaluation for staff advancement opportunities.

17. Provide oversite for development, testing and consistency in recipes, food quality and production procedures.

18. Provide leadership and operational support during emergencies.

19. May perform other duties as assigned.


Culinary Excellence Manager / Chef de Cuisine

STARS Number



1. Plan, organize and manage a multi-unit operation within Yale Dining to include: residential student meals, executive dining and conference services.

2. Supervise all catering and special events.

3. Direct and coordinate the work of Culinary and production staff.

4. Maintain proper production, safety and sanitation standards. Plan and manage all aspects of food production, sanitation and service.

5. Handle performance management process with Human Resources and make appropriate recommendations.

6. Develop food and ingredient specifications in accordance with consumer tastes, nutritional needs, ease of preparation and established procedures and budgetary constraints.

7. Responsible for purchasing controls and inventory maintenance.

8. Assist Executive Chef as requested in areas such as plate presentation, special function menu planning and the design of new service areas.

9. Conduct regular inspections and evaluation to observe quality of food preparation and service; food appearance; and cleanliness and sanitation of production and service areas, equipment and employee uniform compliance.

10. Supervise and participate in the preparation of menu items for special functions.

11. Direct and participate in the preparation of standard and artisanal food items. Evaluate the quality of raw foods and quality control of finished products.

12. Plan and approve standards as well as special menus and recipes.

13. Plan, develop and implement special events, theme dinners, and catered functions within the dining hall.

14. Provide support in developing culinary training programs for food production employees and serve as a culinary resource for other chefs and cooks to promote quality food services within Yale Dining.

15. Interview, select, train and evaluate culinary and support staff.

16. Ensure the highest level of customer service. Respond to inquiries and concerns from Head of College, faculty, staff, and students. Maintain University policies and procedures.

17. Work with culinary team to design recipes, determine appropriate ingredients and specify individual serving portion for each recipe.

18. Participate in other menu planning activities to include the determination of purchasing specifications, product and recipe testing and menu development.

19. Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein and designated within the culinary team job descriptions

20. Prepare operational reports and analyzes setting forth progress, adverse trends and make appropriate recommendations.

21. Responsible for menu forecasting.

22. Maintain proper inventory controls for food, supplies, and equipment.

23. Control expenses to ensure financial goals.

24. Provide support to the global Yale Dining operations in one or more of the following areas:
a. Planning, development and implementation of a comprehensive menu management program for Yale Dining to ensure overall consistency and high quality across the various operations;
b. Planning overall core menus based on such factors as market trends, customer preferences and nutritional considerations.

25. May perform other duties as assigned.


Guest Experience Manager

STARS Number


1. Plan, organize and manage an operation within Yale Dining to include: residential student meals, executive dining and conference services.

2. Provide support to Executive Chef in design, development and creation of a quality experience in the areas of: set up, decoration, linen, props and other aspects, daily service, special events, theme dinners and catered functions.

3. Provide support with menu forecasting standards with Culinary Excellence Manager.

4. Collaborate with the Managing Director and Culinary Excellence Manager to ensure the highest level of customer service by developing and overseeing service standards, customer service policies, quality assurance, in-service training, proper food handling and sanitation standards.

5. Conduct regular service inspections and evaluations to observe service, station appearance; and cleanliness and sanitation of production and service areas, equipment and employee uniform compliance. 6. Obtain guest feedback to create discretionary guest centric dialogue through surveys and “table touching.”

7. Implement and monitor housekeeping, sanitary and safety rules and regulations.

8. Create and maintain strong working relationships with Heads of Colleges, faculty, administration, and students.

9. Supervise the service café and dining room during meal periods and special events. 10. Monitor revenue and expenses for all cost centers by reviewing weekly and monthly financial reports.

11. Process payroll, scheduling and attendance for all staff.

12. Provide support with inventory control.

13. Prepare operational reports and analyzes setting forth progress, adverse trends and make appropriate recommendations.

14. Interview, select, train and evaluate service and support staff. Maintain positive employee relations and resolve issues in a timely and proactive manner. May be required to participate in and respond to grievances

15. Conduct performance management evaluations of service and support staff.

16. Maintain University policies and procedures.

17. May perform other duties as assigned.

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