2021 Connect Meal Plan Information

Connect Meal Plan

Eligible Students: Yale College Students (Off Campus Only)

Meals Per Week: Any 5 meals in residential colleges throughout the week

Bonus Meals: 30 per semester throughout Residential Dining, Retail Cafés; Commons and The Bow Wow at Yale Schwarzman Center

Points: 100 per semester to be used in Residential Dining, Yale Schwarzman Center, Steep Café, Café Med, West Campus, and Health Center Café

Dietary Accommodations: View helpful information and contact us.

Cost: The 2021 Connect Meal Plan costs $1,400 per semester

Important Information

Enrollment: To make it more convenient to participate, you will be automatically enrolled in this 2021 Connect Meal Plan with the charge appearing on your term bill.


You may easily make any changes by contacting us at yale.hospitality@yale.edu. Please do so by July 30, 2021 to make sure your adjustments are reflected on your term bill before it’s due.

If you wish to upgrade to a full meal plan, please include ‘Off-Campus Upgrade’ in the subject line and include your SID in the body of your email. Should you wish to opt out, simply put ‘Off-Campus Opt Out’ as the subject.

If you plan to participate in the Connect Meal Plan, you don’t need to do anything.