Pauli Murray

Pauli Murray College honors Anna Pauline “Pauli” Murray, a remarkable civil rights and women’s rights advocate who pioneered a vision for a society that valued diversity and rallied around our common human virtues. Murray became the first African-American to receive a J.S.D. degree from Yale Law School.

Pauli Murray is one of Yale’s newest residential colleges — along with its brother college, Benjamin Franklin — both completed in 2017. Residents — called “PauliMurs” — are proud of their official lemur mascot (a play on words of the college’s namesake).

While the colleges are designed to look as if you stepped back in time, modern amenities abound with music rooms, a barre/yoga studio, pottery studio, and a black box theatre. The dining hall’s grand ceiling, chandeliers and large communal tables greet you upon entering the dining room, while pocketed alcoves provide a quieter atmosphere for a study break.

We are Pauli Murray

Dining at Pauli Murray beautifully blends tradition and modernity. Indulge in a variety of updated elements in the servery, highlighted by a daily featured bowl station, gourmet pizza (Pauli Murray is one of 5 dining halls with a stone hearth pizza oven), and soft-serve frozen yogurt machine. Ramen, bibimbap, salami and honey pizza – what more can you ask for? Memorable experiences and first-class dining await! 

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Dining Team

Pauli Murray dining team member at work.

Our team is dedicated – always there to support our PauliMurs and guests!

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