Berkeley College is named in honor of the Reverend George Berkeley (1685-1753) —Dean of Derry and later Bishop of Cloyne — who endowed Yale with a gift of land and books in the 18th century.  Its coat of arms is the crest of the Berkeley family. 

Once a testing ground for experimental organic food and sustainable produce dining plans overseen by Berkeley, California chef and cookbook author Alice Waters, Berkeley’s talented culinary team continues to delight diners with annual culinary traditions.

We are Berkeley

Berkeley Dining is consistently a crowd-pleaser on a daily basis and its hallmark events alike. Whether you’re craving a delicious and healthy specialty from the Innovative Mediterranean Bowl Concept or hunting down gourmet pizza (Berkeley is one of 5 dining halls with a stone-hearth pizza oven) — there’s truly something unique to please every palate. Take your seat and enjoy dining beneath the open timber ceiling. Mark your calendars: you won’t want to miss Berkeley’s culinary traditions – including the elaborate Yale-famous “Thunder Brunch,” Lunar New Year Celebration, and the Bishop Berkeley Birthday Dinner for fellows and seniors. “Life tastes better in Berkeley!”

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Dining Team

Dining Team

Our team is always happy to see you and proud to serve its Berkeleyites and guests!

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