Welcome to the Yale Family!

Welcome to Yale!

Whether your child is your first to attend university, or you are an experienced college parent, the residential dining halls will become an integral part of their living experience at Yale. In fact, we consider the dining halls an extension of home. During their time here, it is our goal to ensure that students are well nourished, with plenty of healthy options on the menu every day and a balance of comfort foods in the mix, like our famous Yale chicken tenders, a variety of hand-crafted wood-fired pizzas, baked mac and cheese, and treats (plus granola!) baked from scratch daily in the Yale Bake Shop. We take pride in our authentic recipes from around the globe, which reflect the diversity of the Yale community, and a commitment to sustainability in our continued efforts to educate our guests about the impact food choices have on the future of the planet.

Yet, a dining experience isn’t all about the food. It is also the relationships formed within the dining halls that bring people together as a community and attach special meaning to your child’s college experience. Students forge close bonds with the dedicated team of people who create their meals and maintain the dining rooms. Our staff is here to greet students every morning at breakfast, wish them luck on a difficult exam, or, when in need of comfort, prepare an after hours cup of tea or a plate of buttered toast. These moments add up to a meaningful collection of memories that remain with them from their campus life and beyond. 

Throughout the academic year, Hospitality also features several special events, and many have become tradition, including a formal plated First-Year Dinner, an elaborate December holiday feast, and Fall Fest on Old Campus. Other events of note are Food Conversations with accompanying dinners on topical subjects with appeal to the student community, hands on cooking classes, Oleoteca olive oil tastings and more.

We look forward to having your child here with us at Yale. Please contact us if you have any questions about the dining program, or if you have any suggestions or concerns. 

With our best wishes and in good health.

Rafi Taherian, Associate Vice President