2021 Flex Meal Plan Information

Flex Meal Plan

Eligible Students: Upper-level Undergraduate Students (On & Off Campus): Second-Years, Third-Years, and Fourth-Years

Meals Per Week: Any 14 meals throughout the week

Lunch Transfers Per Week: Five (Monday-Friday) at Yale Schwarzman Center (Commons and The Bow Wow) and Steep Café. Three of Five Transfers may be used at Commons and The Bow Wow per week.

Points: 300 per semester to be used in Residential Dining, Yale Schwarzman Center, Steep Café, Café Med, West Campus, and Health Center Café

Guest Swipes: Ten per semester (Residential dining halls only)

Dietary Accommodations: View helpful information and contact us

Cost: The 2021 Flex Meal Plan costs $3,850 per semester

Requirements: All students living in residential colleges and on Old Campus will be required to purchase a meal plan.