2022 Flex Meal Plan Information

Flex Meal Plan

Eligible Students: Upper-level Undergraduate Students (On & Off Campus)

Meals Per Week: Any 14 meals throughout the week

Lunch Transfers Per Week: Five (Monday-Friday) at Yale Schwarzman Center (Commons and The Bow Wow) and Steep Café

Points: 300 per semester to be used in Residential Dining, Commons, The Bow Wow, Ivy, Elm, Steep Café, Ramen at Becton, Café Med, West Campus, Café 25 and Health Center Café

Guest Swipes: Ten per semester (Residential dining halls only)

Cost: The 2022-23 Flex Meal Plan costs $3,975 per semester

Dietary Accommodations: View helpful information and contact us

Requirements: All students living in residential colleges and on Old Campus will be required to purchase a meal plan