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Spring 2021 Full Meal Plan

Yale Hospitality has designed the following Spring 2021 Meal Plan in compliance with regulatory standards established by both the State of Connecticut and Yale University. In developing these service standards, health and safety, de-densification, and convenience have been taken into consideration.

The modified meal plan includes:

  • 21 meals per week (three meals per day, seven days per week) in students’ assigned residential colleges
  • Five lunch transfers per week (Monday-Friday) at Ground Café at Becton
  • The cost for the Spring 2021 Full Meal Plan is $3,725 

As always, all students living in residential colleges and on Old Campus will be required to purchase the Spring 2021 Meal Plan.

Service Standards

Yale Hospitality’s service standards are designed to provide packaged food options from residential colleges and designated food service operations. Meal Plan service opportunities are as follows:

  • Choice of dining-in (limited seating) or taking-out meals from dining halls, or alternative locations (lunch swipes only)
  • Pre-ordering of SmartMeals for lunch and/or dinner
  • Residential dining halls will be restricted to residents of those colleges only.
  • Extended hours of service implemented to allow for staggered mealtimes. 
  • Increased points of service implemented to mitigate capacity limitations
  • Kosher meals will be available via meal transfer through the Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life. Please view hours of operation and service information.
  • Dietary accommodations will continue to be managed through Yale Hospitality’s registered dietician

Policies and Procedures

  • Meal Plan credits are not transferable to others — they can only be used by the meal plan holder
  • Unused swipes do not transfer to future weeks
  • Meal Plan holders are offered the flexibility of transferring a lunch swipe to: Steep Café or Ground Café at Becton. Additional locations may be available in the future.
  • The lunch transfer is based on a pre-determined bundle, which is considered a complete meal
  • You may not swipe again at residential dining halls until the dinner period, which starts at 5:00pm
  • Refunds of meal plan payments are not permitted unless a student is leaving the University early in a semester or under other very extenuating circumstances. This policy is governed by the University. View Yale College Undergraduate Regulations for more information.

Lunch Meal Plan (During COVID-19 Re-Activation Phase)

Off-campus Students, Faculty, and Staff will be able to purchase a lunch meal package plan and redeem for a take-out Meal Deal in any of the following retail locations:

  • Café Med - One of Three Meal Deals (Sandwich, Salad or Pizza) 11am – 2pm
  • Ground Café - One of Three Meal Deals (Sandwich, Salad or Sushi) 11am – 2pm

Plan Options

  • 5 Meals for $55.00 ($11.00 per meal)
  • 10 Meals for $110.00 ($11.00 per meal)
  • 20 Meals for $210 ($10.50 per meal)
  • 40 Meals for $400 ($10.00 per meal)


Monday – Friday for LUNCH ONLY (hours noted above for each location)

Sign Up & Purchase

Policies & Procedures

  • You will be required to secure your campus return authorization and specific location access through the appropriate university channels.
  • Yale Hospitality does not have authority to process these required access steps for you.
  • Enrollment in a plan does not provide or guarantee access nor entitle access to Café locations.
  • The lunch is based on a pre-determined bundle, which is a complete meal.
  • All unused meals will be carried over to the subsequent semester.

Yale Hospitality has diligently developed the above service standards for your health, safety and protection – and that of our entire campus community. We appreciate your ongoing support and patience during this challenging period. Thank You!