How do you handle food allergies?

Yale Hospitality’s Registered Dietitian and Dining Teams support students and guests with special dietary needs. All ingredients and recipes are regularly reviewed for allergens and dining hall managers and chefs are certified in both Servsafe and AllerTrain (Menu Trinfo) to ensure safe execution of meals. Each student determines their own level of comfort when making selections in the dining halls. Ingredient and allergen information for menu items can be found on our eMenus, Dining App, and printed Menu Identifiers in the dining halls. We label for the nine major food allergens as recognized by the Food & Drug Administration: wheat, soy, dairy (milk), egg, fish, shellfish, peanut, tree nut, and sesame. We also recognize our community has other common dietary restrictions. For this reason, we also label for the presence of gluten, alcohol, pork, and coconut.