Growing Sustainably — and Nurturing Community

October 16, 2023
On the Yale West Campus Farm one late summer afternoon, Jordan M. Williams dug his hands deep into the soil of one of the farm’s raised beds. He was searching for potatoes. “It looks like there’s nothing here,” said Williams. “But if I dig a little bit, and remember where I planted them, I will see my potatoes. Hopefully.” At last, he pulled up a knot of Noblesse potatoes, each one the size of a small fist.
Elsewhere, and aboveground, verdant life thrived. Bees and dragonflies (“they’re natural pest control,” Williams noted) buzzed through tomato plants and basil, cucumbers and watermelon vines, lacy passionflowers, and sturdy sunflowers.
Williams, the West Campus Farm and Operations Manager for Yale Hospitality, just finished his first full year of stewarding the farm. In addition to overseeing the quarter-acre farm, which includes a small greenhouse, he manages the Café at the Yale West Campus Conference Center, a central gathering place for those working and studying at West Campus. The dual role allows him insight into the entire food cycle — and the opportunity to foster knowledge and build community through both the cultivation and consumption of sustainably grown produce.
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