Yale Hospitality purchases from local producers when possible, and regularly changes menus to reflect seasonal and local availability to support this effort. We make sustainable manufacturing practice one of our primary procurement criteria and expect our food suppliers to demonstrate that they share Hospitality’s sourcing values.

We are proud to utilize the four major sustainable categories: Environmentally Sensitive, Humane, Fair, and Regional/Local. 40% of current food purchases meet at least one category, and at least 18% of total purchasing meets multiple categories. Over 60% of animal proteins are sustainably sourced. We also purchase 100% phosphate free cleaners. 

  • Environmentally sensitive food purchases include seafood that is MSC Certified or rated “Best Choice” or “Good Alternative” by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. Tea, chocolate, and coffee that is Rainforest Alliance Certified is preferred.  Produce that is grown responsibly by deploying Good Agricultural Practices and Integrated Pest Management are specified.
  • Humane food purchasing criteria are humanely raised, cage free, free range, American Humane Certified, or Certified Humane.
  • Food purchases in the “Fair” category include Fair Trade, grown or raised on family farms, and produced or manufactured with the safety, fair wages, and respect of all workers as guiding principles.   
  • Regional/Local purchases are counted in several different ways. Regional purchases are those made from New England States or a 350-mile radius around Yale University. Connecticut and New Haven manufacturers and growers are considered as local, preference is given to New Haven businesses when possible.  Yale Hospitality strives to support the businesses in the surrounding community and we spend over $2.3 million on food from regional producers every year. More than $350,000 of that figure is from food producers and manufacturers in New Haven, CT.

In addition to the four major sustainable criteria, we are committed to serving hormone- and antibiotic-free and vegetarian-fed beef and pork, antibiotic-free chicken, and hormone - and antibiotic-free dairy products.

Yale Hospitality has consistently sought to reduce the number of deliveries made to the campus and the environmental impact associated with them. In 2010, YH regularly sourced products from 57 regional suppliers, with about 124 truck deliveries to each dining location weekly. Today there are around 20 main suppliers and about 35 weekly truck deliveries to each location.  

Today’s students are invested in supporting sustainable food systems, as well as understanding where and under what conditions their food is produced. The partial list below offers links to some of Yale Hospitality’s primary food suppliers as well as some of the key food commodity certification programs that are part of purchasing standards.

Local & Sustainable Sourcing Partners



Applegate’s mission “Changing The Meat We Eat®” aligns well with Yale Hospitality’s sourcing. Applegate is a partner that believes the way food is raised can change and...
Gelato Giuliana.

Gelato Giuliana

A woman-owned New Haven gelato producer who uses traditional recipes and wholesome ingredients. What a great way to incorporate a little indulgence into our menu!
Harvestland Chicken.

Harvestland Chicken

Raised with No Antibiotics Ever on a 100% vegetarian diet with no animal by-products. It’s clean label chicken with no chemicals and no preservatives—just simple and...
Hummel Bros.

Hummel Bros.

Family-owned New Haven hot dog company beloved by locals, who created a nitrate-free product for Yale Hospitality which is now available in the retail market. We have...
Lamberti’s Italian Sausage.

Lamberti’s Italian Sausage

Is a third-generation, family-owned New Haven sausage producer who has partnered with Yale Hospitality to create custom products for our community. By serving as an anchor to...
Mountain Dairy.

Mountain Dairy

For over 10 generations the Stearns Family has maintained the integrity and quality of Mountain Dairy on their Storrs, CT farm. Mountain Dairy is the last remaining...


As the world’s largest food and beverage company, with both global and local reach, Nestlé is driven to help shape a better world and inspire people to live healthier...
North Coast Seafood.

North Coast Seafood

Fish are sourced locally and from sustainable fisheries around the globe, using the sustainable, long-line method of catch. The small boats North Coast partners with deliver...
Sorghum Checkoff.

Sorghum Checkoff

The Sorghum Checkoff has supported Yale Hospitality’s use of the versatile sorghum grain into numerous menus and educational events. This is a grain that is truly good for...
Thomas Foods.

Thomas Foods

The lush pastures of Southern Australia are renowned for their crisp, clean water, abundant blue sky and a temperate year-round climate. The Angus Pure Grass Fed cattle...
Whole G, Katalina’s and Chabaso.

Whole G, Katalina’s and Chabaso

We partner with several local family-owned or single-proprietor bakeries that provide an assortment of baked goods from the wholesome and nutritious to the indulgent – and...