Better for You, Better for the Planet

For the past decade, as an innovator in institutional dining, Yale Hospitality has been working on the connections between the global impact of food production and student health.

Our sustainability efforts reflect Yale University’s 2025 goals for sustainability as demonstrated in the following data:

Timeline Strategic Initiatives
  • Present reduced sodium in menu offerings, reducing per person sodium intake 
  • Increased produce diversity
  • Increased plant-forward menu options to 80% of offerings
  • Reduced nitrate and artificial additives in all processed food
  • Reduced artificial dyes, and ingredients in all Yale Bakery products
2013 – 2016
  • Increased produce by 20%
  • Decreased animal protein by 5%
  • Met total sustainable sourcing goal of40%
  • Reduced material to landfill by 60%
  • Increased organic and non-organic recycling and Composting by 60%
  • Converted to ABF and HF animal products
  • Increased legume purchases by 32%
2009 - 2013
  • Increased produce by 30%
  • Decreased animal protein by 15%
  • Met goal of 30% total sustainable sourcing
  • Eliminated usage of phosphate containing chemicals