Fast Track

The Yale Dining Fast Track app provides the campus community the following features:

  • Residential Dining Hall occupancy - estimated current seats in use based on transactional data

Green = Seats and tables available

Yellow = Seats available, but tables may be limited

Red = Close to capacity, seating may be limited

  • Dining menus for today and tomorrow
  • Map to all residential and retail locations
  • Dining hall contact information
  • Ability to provide real time feedback regarding food and service in a specific dining hall
  • Menu item nutritional information
  • A link to purchase of Eli Bucks - a pre-pay dining plan that eliminates the need to carry cash
  • A link for Meals2Go
  • Ability to set a dining location “Favorite” for quicker menu access

Available through iTunes or on the Google Play Store.

Residential Dining Room Status

Dining Room Status determined by number of individuals entering the dining hall in the past 45 minutes. Status is updated every 5 minutes.

(Click the dining room name to view today’s menu.)

Dining Service: