2023 State of Sustainability Award

May 11, 2023

Daniel Flynn, Elizabeth Nelson, Gerry Remer, Bob Sullivan, and Rafi Taherian are integral members of the Yale Hospitality Food Reclamation and Community Collaboration team. For more than 15 years, Yale Hospitality has positively impacted the New Haven community through close partnership with Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen (DESK) via daily food rescue, fundraising events, annual Thanksgiving holiday meals, and more. To support the city’s residents in need, DESK provides food assistance to individuals and families experiencing homelessness or living in poverty. For the fourth time, Hospitality hosted the annual DESK Breaking Bread Dinner which raised a record-breaking $75,000 to help advance DESK’s food insecurity initiatives and maintain and renovate community operations. Yale made an additional $100,000 contribution toward DESK’s capital campaign.

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