Yale Hospitality hosts annual Fall Festival, celebrating food, agriculture, and fun on Old Campus

October 12, 2022

New Haven, Conn. — Once a year, Old Campus transforms into a food, agriculture, and music festival at the heart of Yale. Yale Hospitality will host Fall Festival, an annual outdoor celebration of fall, fun, and food on Saturday, October 15. Affectionately known as ‘Fall Fest’ for the last 13 years, the event unites student communities to explore great regional and culturally-inspired foods while creating lasting memories on Old Campus.

“Fall Fest is one of my favorite Yale traditions! My friends and I look forward to it weeks in advance. We’re sure to get there right when it opens to enjoy the atmosphere – but most importantly so we can try each menu item because they are all so delicious!” shares Anna Bernstein ’25.

Old Campus will be full of ambiance – featuring a live DJ, outdoor games and activities, hydration stations, and of course the aroma of delectable food. Dining hall teams bring the cooking action outdoors by serving up delicious items like Black Lentil Sabih, Kimchee Fried Rice, Apple Crisp a la Mode, Smashed Potatoes, Mexican Hot Cocoa & Churros, and much more.

Recently named the No. 2 in Yelp’s ‘Top 100 in New England’ list, New Haven’s Zeneli Pizzeria will be making its mark at Fall Fest. The traditional Neapolitan-style pizzeria boasts freshly-made cheeses and thin-crust pizzas. The Zeneli team will be on-site with fresh dough and cheese, including exciting demonstrations of fresh liuzzi mozzarella being hand-pulled throughout the event.

The Smashed Potatoes featured on the menu began as seeds in the Netherlands through a partnership with Netherlands-based potato seed company HZPC. In line with nutritious and sustainable foods which are ‘better for you and better for the planet,’ local Cecarelli’s Farm in Northford, CT has been growing special, nutrient-dense potatoes for Yale students which are tailor-made for the state’s climate and soil. This year, Jeff Scramlin, president of North American Operations for HZPC will be among the Fall Fest guests in attendance.

“It’s about more than the food. This event continues to prove itself as a unifying one, bringing together students from all 14 colleges, and this year our friends and partners from Zeneli, HZPC,” says Bob Sullivan, senior director of residential dining. “We know our students have been working hard to excel in their classes during the fall semester, and it’s great to see them have fun too!”

The Fall Festival has been an annual Yale Hospitality tradition since 2009 and is open to undergraduate meal plan holders. For students unable to attend the event, Benjamin Franklin and Pauli Murray dining halls are open from 11am to 1:30pm for standard weekend brunch hours. 

Contact: Christelle Ramos, christelle.ramos@yale.edu