March 2, 2023
New Haven, Conn. — During the academic year, Yale students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of events that promote a sense of community and belonging on... read more
Class of 2026 at the First Year Holiday Dinner
December 21, 2022
New Haven, Conn. — When the drumbeat began, a certain hush fell over the room as we scrambled to find a place in the crowd. Then, jaws started dropping left and right. Stilt... read more
November 17, 2022
New Haven, Conn. — “There’s no reason to go hungry in New Haven.” Years ago, this comment was shared with Steve Werlin, Director of Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen (DESK... read more
November 11, 2022
New Haven, Conn. — Since 2014, Yale University has been recognizing “staff members who exemplify Yale’s spirit of leadership, innovation, collaboration, and excellence”... read more
October 15, 2022
New Haven, Conn. —In celebration of Latinx Heritage Month, taking place annually from September 15 to October 15, each of Yale’s 14 dining halls hosted special dinners... read more
October 12, 2022
New Haven, Conn. — Once a year, Old Campus transforms into a food, agriculture, and music festival at the heart of Yale. Yale Hospitality will host Fall Festival, an annual... read more
Yale Hospitality culinarians with La Molisana pasta
August 10, 2022
New Haven, Conn. — A pasta immersion has been in full force on Yale’s campus this week. The Yale Hospitality team embarked on a culinary series in collaboration with La... read more